Go on an educational game adventure with characters from “Oh No Silly Goose”, an inspirational children’s book that delivers the message to never give up on your dreams and to try even when you experience doubt from others. This corresponding kids game app features 6 unique skill building games that highlight the dreams to become a Painter, Zookeeper, Ballerina, Firefighter, Pilot, and Magician. It allows children to explore creativity, arithmetic, cognitive learning, and promotes better development for children’s coordination and fine motor skills. Each game reaches the whole child and promotes an exploration for success and rewards as Silly Goose builds on a foundation that increasingly challenges the child. This innovative and unique kid’s app is creatively built to put the FUN back into learning!

  • ALL AGES can engage in this app and be challenged at their own pace
  • 6 unique games that incorporates learning of shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and accurate dance combinations
  • Game levels are built for continues growth in logic, fine motor skills, creativity, and cognitive learning
  • Choose from thrilling complex time challenges or simple self-progression
  • Complete 3D animation for exciting continual engagement
  • Corresponding children’s book and plush toys available